Our mission is to present and distribute the culture of Japanese traditional music (Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen, Wadaiko, etc.) and the Japanese street performances (traditional music, dance, Dai-kagura, etc.) to the world.

Since there has not been many casting agencies that specialize in these two areas, it was not always easy to meet the expectations of clients and reward performers at the same time. Compared to the advertisement/film/theater industry where casting is done through public applications and auditions, our industry has been rather closed.

Most clients in need of a casting agency, especially those overseas, have very little knowledge and connections to the field of Japanese traditional music and street performances. Therefore, we believe that it is essential for a casting agency like us to provide the needed knowledge and connections, and support clients through fair and precise advices.

I have achieved a wide, deep connection and trust through the 20 years of career as a performer. Not only that, I have developed professional skills through experiences as a casting director and planner.  Based on my experiences and achievements, I am confident to say that our company will offer you the best casting.


Born in Tokyo, 1975. Dropped out of Tokyo University Graduate School. Now works in REI LAW OFFICE as a visiting counsel (specializing in performing arts, street performance and event performance). Started to perform Tsugaru-shamisen at age 18 as a university student, where he founded a Shamisen club. After working in sales and webplanning, formed Se Shami Street, a comic Shamisen duo in 2000. The duo started its professional career after winning the ‘Heaven Artist Audition’ ran by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Mentored by Mr.Toyoaki Fukushi, Hagiwara continued to work as a performer/musician. In 2015, founded Bentensha, Inc., a casting and music production agency specializing in Japanese traditional music. While working on casting and music production as an executive director, continues to perform as a comedian and Shamisen player.