For those who want to produce an original musical piece using Japanese traditional instruments

We take orders for compositions using Japanese traditional musical instruments. Based on your general ideas of the music or the price range, and through hearings, we will offer the best plans that match your needs.

We will introduce personnels who are capable of composition, songwriting, arrangement, recording and mastering. If you wish for a specific type of intellectual property rights, please feel free to tell us.

For those who want an original musical piece by Japanese artists

We accept requests for our parnering artists. We are able to offer help in any stage of your work: composition, songwriting, artwork, arrangement, and recording. The final product will be supplied in the desired form.

For those who want to sell your music worldwide

We distribute music online in cooperation with NexTone Inc.. We also accept contracts for selling CDs on Amazon.

There will be a short examination after we receive your music data. In general, the sales process will not cost you any charge. Details will be discussed through emails or phonecalls, and eventually face-to-face hearings. Please feel free to contact Hagiwara

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