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Tsugaru Shamisen

This unique duo defies every existing stereotype, runs beyond common sense and rewrites numerous records with its dynamic performances. They have received various awards as Tsugaru Shamisen performers, both individually and as a duo. Their Shamisen performances and entertaining talks are a mustsee. Rich experience in performing at events and TV shows in Japan, and on stages overseas. Performance style is flexible, and possible in English.


Tsutomu Tanaka

Shamisen, vocal, Mandan composer (Japanese standup comedy)

Born in 1974, Mie. Played drums at 14, guitar at 15, electric bass at 16, and after facing limit at 19, started his career with Tsugaru Shamisen. A unique performer, who lacks effort, enthusiasm and consistancy and fumbled around the world of music. Plays Shamisen, Wadaiko (Japanese drums), percussions, and often ends up singing. Works actively as a stage director, music arranger, composer, editor, speaker and actor.


Hiroe Morikawa


Started Koto at the age of three. Participated in numerous Koto contests in her elementary and middle school years. As an individual, won first prizes three times. As a group, won first prizes twice, and was awarded by the Minister of Education.

Debuted as a professional in her sophomore year at highschool, with the record “Koto” from Victor. Sold 10,000 records, which is exceptional for Japanese traditional music. Since then, performs on stages inside and outside of Japan and on TV shows. Her strength is her unique, avant-garde musical taste. Performance style is flexible.

Takuya Iwata


Started Shakuhachi at 12. Mentored by Hozan Yamamoto (holder of Living national treasure) at Tokyo University of the Arts.

At 23, won the best award and received honourable mention by the Ministry of Education at Japanese HOUGAKU Music Contest. Since then, the young performer has worked inside and outside of Japan, and won the International Shakuhachi contest in 2012. Highly rated for his passionate performance. Has performed for artists such as Tsuyoshi Domoto and Fuyumi Sakamoto. Performance style is flexible.


Mushimaru Fujieda


Highly rated inside and outside of Japan as a “natural born, physical poet”. Dances with digital projection, and performs in a unique, mysterious style. Has performed at musical festivals around the world. Also works as “Arahant Family” with his family, and currently lives in Yakushima.

Hitsuke Tozoku

Fire performance

One of the members encountered the art of fire performance abroad and gathered members in Japan in the early summer of 2003 to form a fire dancer group “Hitsuke Tozoku”. Steals the hearts of every audience with their overwhelming heat, dancing afterglows of flames, and a mysterious, dynamic staging which is directed for fire to play the leading role. A top fire performance group that performs at rave, festivals, for the media, and on stages outside of Japan.


Yuko Takahashi

Actress and Model

Advertisement: “Cimer” Web advertisement and Japanese Ambassador candidate
Awards: IBF Award at “Make Up Contest” by IBF. Passed a group audition by A-team (2015).
Photography model : “Totally naked”
Promotion Video : “Pass Code 4854” by Rei Yasuda